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Questions tagged [argument-list]

Questions about the usage and the manipulation of the argument list. The argument list is the list of file names you give when starting Vim.

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Macro doesn't run properly when executed with :bufdo or :argdo

I have a macro that looks like: :reg a Type Name Content c "a /^where^MkV%yGo^M-- Some typing...:^[pVG:!/tmp/^M It works fine from any starting position in the file when I replay it ...
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How do I pass multiple optional arguments from custom command to function?

Given a function with two optional arguments fun s:foo(one = v:false, two = v:false) echom '<' . a:one . ',' . a:two . '>' endf and a custom command calling it command! -nargs=* Foo call s:...
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How to deal with the argument which contains whitespace in command?

A function and it's command format: function! Rep(raw, dest, ...) range echo a:firstline echo a:lastline echo a:raw echo a:dest endfunction command! -range -nargs=+ Rep <line1>,&...
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How can I see what arguments vim was invoked with?

Is it possible to see what arguments vim was invoked with when it was run? vim -O foo bar To show -O foo bar, but especially if there are configurations set like -Z?
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