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init.vim: E194: No alternate file name to substitute for '#'

I have a problem with adding a keymap to delete all my buffers. Namely, I used the following map in my init.vim file (source): nnoremap <leader>B :%bd|e#|bd#<CR> And I get the following ...
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Saving and resetting alternate file

I have the following in my vimrc to open pdfs externally with xpdf. function! OpenPdfExternally() silent execute "!xpdf " . shellescape(expand("%:p")) . " &>/dev/null &" edit # ...
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How to set manually the alternate file

Reading the documentation about alternate file, I thought I could manipulate # like a global variable, but it's not the case. I was thinking doing something like let &#='/path/to/alternate/file' ...
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Make Vim sessions save alternate files

When saving a session with :mksession and sourceing it back, I noticed that alternate files (accessed via C-^) are not persisted. The docs don't mention anything about persisting alternate files. Is ...
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