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I Have a Problem with Premature Yanking

If I've already yanked 37 lines, is there a way to send them to the clipboard without having to select them again? I need to move those yanked lines into a GUI application.
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How do I use the system clipboard with Vim in Arch Linux? [duplicate]

I am using Vim on Arch Linux through urxvt. Since there is no "Ctrl-V" or "Ctrl-Shift-V" support in urxvt, there is no way for me to paste things I have copied from my browser (let's say) into my vim ...
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How do I get +clipboard support in Fedora 20?

It seems to me that neither "+p nor "*p works for me. How can I know if my Vim is installed and set up properly to make them available? And if it's not set up, what can I do to set it up? I'm running ...
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Copy the full path of current buffer to clipboard

Is there a quick way to copy the full path of current buffer to system clip board or some register? :put=expand('%:p') then use other copy commands(like dd) works but the typing is a little long.
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How to copy across terminals?

I'm using Linux system. Two vims are opened in two terminals. Now I'd like to copy text from A to B. One way to do so is to select text in A, use mouse to copy, then switch to B, in the insert mode, ...
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How can I copy/paste new text without auto-indentation at every new line?

How I paste now: Right-click/Copy or simply highlight. Right-click/Paste or Middle Click or CTRL+SHFT+V Indents appear at increasing intervals: 0, 2, 4, 6, + Question at hand: From prior research, ...
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How do I copy and paste between two Vim instances - shared clipboard?

I use gnu screen and I run vim file1.txt and vim file2.txt in two windows. How can I copy part of the text from file1.txt and paste it to file2.txt without using temporary files or opening two files ...
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In neovim, how can I share registers between editor instances?

I know that vim had the client/server divide that allowed register sharing between different vim clients, but how do you achieve the same thing in neovim? It doesn't support the client/server flags. I ...
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Difference between "* and "+ registers in +clipboard VIM?

"*p and "+p seem to behave the same. I tried :help "*, but it's talking about mouse selection, and :help "+ tells me There are three documented X selections: PRIMARY (which is expected to ...
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how to yank from vim to system clipboard? [duplicate]

I'm using the latest version of vim 8.2.148 on the latest version of arch linux 5.5.6-arch1-1 with the latest version of Openbox window manager version 3.6.1. I have written a document in vim and ...
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Define custom commands for the * and + registers

If I'm using a build of Vim with the xterm_clipboard feature then the system clipboard content is available through the + register. If the build I'm using doesn't have this feature, can I make the "+ ...
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How can I copy over an ssh session without +clipboard?

On my local computer, I have the following in ~/.vimrc, which allows me use to the mouse (e.g. to select text) and to copy to the system clipboard with Ctrl+c. set mouse=a vnoremap <C-C> "+y ...
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Compiling Vim from source just enabling clipboard

I have a Debian 7.0 with gnome, and I am fully satisfied with the standard vim version installed on it, except for the lack of +clipboard and/or +xterm_clipboard. I got the sources using mercurial, ...
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Can visual select mode be integrated with the Unix selection clipboard?

Is it possible to configure vim (obviously with :set mouse=a) and/or gvim such that the visual selection modes automatically integrate with X's selection buffer? I am aware of how to setup the copy ...
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Can Vim add to the X11 clipboard or primary buffers without an external utility?

We can copy to both the + and * registers, but this doesn't actually copy the content to X's memory (apparently). If you copy something from Vim using the * or + registers and quit Vim, poof! There's ...
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