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Choices for pasting

In my local PC I use p in Vim command mode for pasting and it works fine and the :echo has('clipboard') returns 1. But, in the cluster I am working p in command mode, which just inserts a 0 instead of ...
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How do I copy and paste between two Vim instances - shared clipboard?

I use gnu screen and I run vim file1.txt and vim file2.txt in two windows. How can I copy part of the text from file1.txt and paste it to file2.txt without using temporary files or opening two files ...
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I Have a Problem with Premature Yanking

If I've already yanked 37 lines, is there a way to send them to the clipboard without having to select them again? I need to move those yanked lines into a GUI application.
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How to copy across terminals?

I'm using Linux system. Two vims are opened in two terminals. Now I'd like to copy text from A to B. One way to do so is to select text in A, use mouse to copy, then switch to B, in the insert mode, ...
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"Copy" is greyed out in the Terminal menu after "Select All" in "VIM embedded in Terminal"; VIM copy does not work. How to copy the full file text?

I have set VIM as the default editor in the Terminal. I changed the ~/.bashrc: export VISUAL=vim export EDITOR="$VISUAL" You can also set the default editor only for git: git config --...
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How could I enable vim clipboard without sudo and x11 installed?

I am given an account on a new server these days. The new server does not have x11 install, neither do I have sudo. So I cannot install system packages, and I cannot compile with the option -with-x. ...
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Compiling Vim from source just enabling clipboard

I have a Debian 7.0 with gnome, and I am fully satisfied with the standard vim version installed on it, except for the lack of +clipboard and/or +xterm_clipboard. I got the sources using mercurial, ...
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Vim only sometimes choosing to copy to system keyboard

I have the following situation. If I open a file in Vim, say by running vim myfile.tex, select something in visual mode, and do "+y, it is in the system clipboard as one would hope. If however I ...
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No + or * register on Linux (accessed via SSH from macOS)? [duplicate]

I am on Ubuntu 14.04.3 and Vim 8.2. I'm trying to figure out how to access either the * or + clipboard on Ubuntu but it seems like it doesn't exist? After doing "*yy and "+yy on lines of ...
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Copy the full path of current buffer to clipboard

Is there a quick way to copy the full path of current buffer to system clip board or some register? :put=expand('%:p') then use other copy commands(like dd) works but the typing is a little long.
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How to always paste to clipboard? [duplicate]

I am searching for an option to always paste to the system clipboard when using any kind of yank action, because I want to use Vim as the scrollback buffer for Kitty. I have already tried clipboard=...
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How can I copy/paste new text without auto-indentation at every new line?

How I paste now: Right-click/Copy or simply highlight. Right-click/Paste or Middle Click or CTRL+SHFT+V Indents appear at increasing intervals: 0, 2, 4, 6, + Question at hand: From prior research, ...
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How to copy text to clipboard in visual mode? [duplicate]

I ran the following sequence of commands: V10j ⌘ c but it seems like this doesn't copy the ten lines to my clipboard. So how can I do this?
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how to yank from vim to system clipboard? [duplicate]

I'm using the latest version of vim 8.2.148 on the latest version of arch linux 5.5.6-arch1-1 with the latest version of Openbox window manager version 3.6.1. I have written a document in vim and ...
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How to remap copy and pasting to keyboard [duplicate]

I'm trying to remap the current keybindings to make it simpler for yanking and pasting but it doesn't work. Some of my ~/.vimrc noremap <Leader>Y "*y noremap <Leader>P "*p ...

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