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How do you use a variable as argument to another vim command? [duplicate]

I have the following function: fu! EditFileInBrowser() let l:url = @+ let l:url = substitute(l:url, 'http:\/\/127\.0\.0\.1:4000\/', '', '') let l:url = substitute(l:url, '/$', '', 'g') let l:...
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Use variable in vim mapping async task [duplicate]

I am trying to use a variable in this mapping: let board_ip = "" │ nnoremap <F6> :AsyncRun echo . ...
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how to reference variables in config [duplicate]

Let's take undodir as an example; we might have something like this in our vimrc: set undodir=$HOME/.config/nvim/undo/ In order to make config platform-agnostic one might want to use variables ...
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Return value to custom function [duplicate]

I'm writting a function to integrates NERDTree with Ack. The goal is to create a "Find in Directory". I create this: function! Fif_NERDTreeGetPath() let nodePath = g:NERDTreeFileNode.GetSelected()....
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autocommand variable is not substituded [duplicate]

let Dropbox = "/usr/Dropbox" ... autocmd BufNewFile *.php 0r Dropbox/vim/templates/php_start.txt The variable 'Dropbox' is not substituded by its value
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How to use a variable in the expression of a 'normal' command?

How can one use a variable when executing something via normal! in vimscript? Example: function! MyFunction(someArg) normal! (a:someArg)l endfunction This should move the cursor someArg steps ...
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how to use variables in vimscript shell commands

I have this code intended to: read current line extract variable from end of line, looking for text like #ad04e482 search for filename that begins with the string ad04e482 open that file to edit in ...
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Insert output of function with variable into buffer

I'm trying to make a vim function that takes a variable and uses that as part of a shell command and buts it into the current buffer. I tried using read but that just interprets the var as a string. ...
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How to `source` a path stored in a variable in Vimscript

tldr: The title pretty much summarizes the entirety of the question I am trying to make my configuration more adaptable to different machines so that I can use git to keep them in sync between my ...
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Can I use a variable in autocmd pat?

I have 3 languages and any can be a source or target so I need some flexibility. I am successfully loading a language translation specific setup with this: let g:tr_source = 'dyu' let g:tr_target =...
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Use normal command output as variable

I want to be able to use some normal commands I tend to use in the day to day as an input for another function, for example 4X, I would like 4X to be expanded to XXXX and then use it in a function as :...
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How can I set path of vim from the shell command result

I'd like to set c++ header file path automatically from .vimrc. So I tried to write .vimrc file as shown below: let g:gcpp_headers_path=system("g++ --version | grep g++ | awk '{print \"/usr/...
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Custom key binding for project-wide search and replace using FZF.vim Rg function?

I know that one can do a project-wide search and replace using the results of an Rg search in FZF.vim by doing the following: Run :Rg SEARCH_TERM Use Alt + a (or in my case, Esc + a, since I'm using ...
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switch current directory between a base directory and current file directory

Goal: To achieve filename/path completion relative to current file directory using file name completion CTRL-X CTRL-F. I open all my files contained in a base directory such that :pwd in some_file ...
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How can I use a variable line number with a command?

I want to move a line to another specified in a variable. So where I might do this to move the current line up seven lines: :m-7 I want to do it with a variable line destination. Something like this: ...
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