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Character class to match "iskeyword" characters

In short: how do I define a regex that matches 'iskeyword'. My initial thought was that match(str, '\w*') would match an arbitrary number of keyword characters in str, but it really only matches to a ...
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Why does this mapping require hitting enter?

I've written a "script" to highlight all lines that begin with n (for a todo list): syn region dash start=/^n/ end=/$/ oneline | highlight link dash String And mapped it to ; in my init.vim:...
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Test string after a pattern

I want to test, if the cursor is currently in a comment line. For example in C it looks like this: // This is a comment line now it's also possible that it's a big comment section: /* * Big comment ...
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What is the difference between ^ and _ for cursor movement

They both seem to move the cursor to the first non-blank character of the current line and I wonder what was the reason for duplicating this functionality
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Error detected during LaTeX-Suite-aka-Vim-LaTeX plugin update with Vundle

When updating vundle-managed plugins with: :PluginUpdate in buffer, I get the following error message: Error detected while processing ~/.vim/bundle/LaTeX-Suite-aka-Vim-LaTeX/plugin/remoteOpen.vim: ...
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Replace " ... " strings of various length with strings that all end at same column but start at different columns for each row

I have the following text Plan based ................................. 32 Iron based in Compound .............................. 34 Gallium Arsnide based III-V ............ 36 ... Indium ...
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How to pass custom arguments to the shell invoked by :terminal?

I would like to specify the startup command to run on the :terminal shell. E.g. bash -c ls. The shell can be specified with set shell=bash, but how to specify the arguments? In another use case, I ...
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variable names prefixed with &

It seems that & followed by an option name is an variable containing the option value, such as &diff. What is &l:diff. I assume it is the local value for diff option, but I cannot find the ...
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:put at the end of the current line?

I like to take minutes for meetings using vim+Markdown(CommonMark) I like having something like this # Meeting Name - 2018-02-25 The way I accomplish this is i# Meeting Name - ^[:put =strftime('%...
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Inserting a future time

I would like to create a simple pomodoro timer I can insert into text files. Something like: Current Time - 10:15 End Time - 10:40 However I have not been able to find a good way to insert a future ...
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What's the meaning of `^=` in vimscript?

What's the meaning of ^= in the following line? set runtimepath^=~/.vim This should be a simple one but I've searched and found nothing. Thanks for your help.
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