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Why vim highlight some specific words? [duplicate]

Why my vim highlight some specific words? As showing in the following screenshot picture. How can I locate my problem? There is my .vimrc file. set nocompatible " be iMproved, required filetype ...
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Some "local to window" settings are being reset in Vim [duplicate]

I added :set numberwidth=2 in my vimrc, but this value is always returned to 4 inside my windows. It seems I need to use some autocommand to always force this value back to 2. In fact, even more ...
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Vim still create backup/swap/undo folder under .cache when set nobackup/noswapfile/noundofile [duplicate]

I got a strange behavior of vim 8.1 1-279 / archlinux 4.17.14 This is vim under console but I believe there's no different. Vim force create ~/.cache/vim/{backup,swap,undo} folders even I set ...
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Vim: error opening files <SNR>62_InitializePythonBuiltin the Python's site module could not be loaded [duplicate]

I have set up vim on a new machine according to Vimlander-2-The-Quickening, but I keep running into the following errors when I open a file in command mode: :e /path/to/file, :vs /path/to/file, or :sp ...
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My cursor is changed after "df" [duplicate]

I have the following to change my cursor from a block into an underline: set guicursor=a:hor20-Cursor Whenever I run df to delete a range, my cursor is changed back to a block. I have to source my ...
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Vim has started adding commas unnecessary places [duplicate]

When I use :w to save my JSON file, vim automatically adds some commas at syntactically significant (?) places.  It does not happen when I use :x or ZZ.  This started today.  I did not change anything ...
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How to automatically start in Normal mode? [duplicate]

I am using zsh on Mac and noticed that whenever I start vim, it always starts in insert mode. I use vim to inspect files more often than to edit. I tried adding set noinsertmode but it didn't have any ...
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How to diagnose configuration---:w doesn't always work [duplicate]

I've somehow introduced a problem in my Vim configuration and I don't know how to track down where the problem is. Sometimes (most times) when I do :w then the buffer is not actually written; ...
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How can I get Vim to ignore all user configuration, as if it were freshly installed?

In order to ensure that behaviour is not affected by my personal config, I want to start Vim in a way that ignores all my user-installed config files, as if Vim had just been freshly installed for the ...
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No syntax highlighting in tmux

I installed tmux in iTerm 2.(Build 3.0.13) When I execute vim in tmux, syntax highlighting looks like this. But outside tmux, syntax highlighting looks fine. My $TERM inside and outside tmux is ...
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Vim slows down over time with syntax on

Is there anything I can do to keep syntax on when using Vim? As soon as I open anything substantial it becomes nearly impossible to edit after a while. Every keypress causes a delay. If I turn syntax ...
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Most annoying slow-down of a plain-text editor! [closed]

I am a happy user of VIM, except for some bits which I really want vim to improve on. One main issue is frequent slowdown of VIM spoiling the amazingly productive text-editing experience on a fastest ...
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How do I restore visual mode selection highlighting?

Somehow, over the last few days, the visual mode in Vim no longer flips the background highlight, as it used to. Now, if the file is recognized by something it can syntax highlight, it seems to ...
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Automatically close oldest buffers?

I needed to edit a lot of files recently for a small change in each file. To get to each file, I browsed through NERDtree and opened one file after another. As I opened more and more files, I ...
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Access a file under subdirectories of a path through gf command

I am using perl. When I press gf while having the cursor on Testcase, it shows E447: Can't find file "" in path. So I added that path. It works for files under particular path which ...
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