I'm trying to make a Vim command which opens all modified files tracked by Git.

The following command works if there is only one modified file (and fails if the current working directory is not a git repository).

Any pointers on how to e.g. loop the results of external command producing multiple lines?

command Git execute ":e `git diff --name-only`"

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You could use the args command instead:

command G execute ":args `git diff --name-only`"

The first file should be opened, and if you run :ls after executing this, you should see other files listed as well. Or, as romainl notes, you don't need the execute at all:

command G :args `git diff --name-only`

The argadd command could be useful too. From :h args:

:ar[gs] [++opt] [+cmd] {arglist}                        :args_f
                        Define {arglist} as the new argument list and edit
                        the first one.  This fails when changes have been made
                        and Vim does not want to abandon the current buffer.
                        Also see ++opt and +cmd.
                        {Vi: no ++opt}

:ar[gs]! [++opt] [+cmd] {arglist}                       :args_f!
                        Define {arglist} as the new argument list and edit
                        the first one.  Discard any changes to the current
                        Also see ++opt and +cmd.
                        {Vi: no ++opt}

:[count]arga[dd] {name} ..                      :arga :argadd E479
                        Add the {name}s to the argument list.  When {name} is
                        omitted add the current buffer name to the argument
  • 4
    :next is another possibility. Also, :execute is not needed, here, so the command could be shortened to command! G args `git diff --name-only` . AArgh, backticks are hard.
    – romainl
    Oct 20, 2016 at 6:09
  • Works like a charm, thank you mur and romainl!
    – samuke
    Oct 20, 2016 at 6:21

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