Is there a way to get filetype for given extension or filename

For example:

let my_f='text.rb'
let my_ft=GetFileType(my_f)
echo my_ft
" should output ruby
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    easiest would be to load the file for editing and check the filetype option. Next best option, would be to parse the filetype.vim file (e.g. the filetypedetect autocommand group) Oct 19 '16 at 6:19

As Christian said, parsing the expression won't be the easier way. I'd even say that's insufficient. Some filetypes share the same file extension. In that case, vim parses a few lines from the files to deduce exactly their filetype.

Otherwise, you could indeed parse filetype.vim, but instead, I'd parse the result of execute('autocmd filetypedetect') with filter(). If for your extension you get a setf {filetype} then you have a direct hit. Otherwise, it means vim does some magic with lines of the file to disambiguate the information.

let ext = expand('%:e') 
let matching = uniq(sort(filter(split(execute('autocmd filetypedetect'), "\n"), 'v:val =~ "\*\.".ext')))

if len(matching) == 1 && matching[0]  =~ 'setf'
   return matchstr(matching[0], 'setf\s\+\zs\k\+')
throw "sorry, I can't know"

PS: execute() requires vim7.4-2008. With earlier versions we have to play with :redir. See lh#askvim#exe()


If you need to set filetype for cases like "myfile.ext.template" you could use this

autocmd BufRead,BufNewFile *.template execute "doautocmd filetypedetect BufRead " . fnameescape(expand("<afile>:r"))

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