I have a large list of scores that looks likes this:


How can I move my list in Vim so it is re-arranged like this:


I've tried altering the list with this formula


But this doesn't get the lines with commas to fall in line behind the one ones without.

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You can do this with a simple substitute command. Try this:


This removes a newline from every line containing a newline followed by a comma. You could also do it like this:


The way this works is by marking the end of the selection to be removed, and the only text that will be removed is what matches before \ze. From :h /\ze

\ze Matches at any position, and sets the end of the match there: The
        previous char is the last char of the whole match. |/zero-width|
        Can be used multiple times, the last one encountered in a matching
        branch is used.
        Example: "end\ze\(if\|for\)" matches the "end" in "endif" and
        This cannot be followed by a multi. |E888|
        {not in Vi} {not available when compiled without the |+syntax| feature}

@DJMcMayhem's solution is pretty good but Vim is pretty powerful so here is an alternative with the global command:

:g/^,/normal! kJ

That you can translate as "For every line which begins by a comma use the normal mode keys kJ i.e. to go the upper line and join it with the next one".

Edit As @Christian Brabandt said in the comments you can also use gJ which doesn't insert or remove any spaces, while J will remove indent and insert up to two spaces:

:g/^,/normal! kgJ

Finally to avoid using normal mode and shorten the command you could use the :join command (shortened to :j) with the range -1:


See :h J, :h gJ and :h :j


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