I'm using neosnippet to define and expand my snippets.

I have the following snippet defined for javascript development

snippet fn
abbr () => {}
    (${1}) => {${2}}

I can insert this snippet when starting to type on a new line using C-k. However I often find myself in the position where i wish to insert in in an existing line

let something = fn

when I'm after fn on either of these lines I would like to expand the snippet. Can this be achieved using neosnippet?

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This should work:

snippet fn
option word
abbr () => {}
    (${1}) => {${2}}

You can find the necessary information if you read :h neosnippet-snippet-syntax, in particular the help under the snippet keyword option:

- options [options] (Optional)

    Options influence the snippet behavior. The possible values are:

    + word  This snippet expands by a word boundary.
        Note: To complete the trigger with neosnippet, it must be a
        word character (digits, alphabetical characters or "_").

    snippet     date
    options     word
        `strftime("%d %b %Y")`

The help text continuous with more help text on more options, but word is the relevant option here.

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