I need to configure vim to add the shebang #!/bin/bash if the edited file is in the directory /usr/bin/ and if it is empty (or even better if it doesn't exist)


Here's one way to add the shebang to any new file in /usr/bin/:

func Shebang(path)
    echo a:path
    if a:path =~ "/usr/bin/[^/]*"
        normal i#!/bin/bash
autocmd BufNewFile /usr/bin/* execute Shebang(expand('<amatch>'))

This will only execute on new files, and also ensures the file isn't in a subdirectory in /usr/bin. You could also modify it so the pattern of *.sh (a new shell file created anywhere) also gets the shebang. If you don't care about subdirectories and only want this to every work in /usr/bin, you could also just do:

autocmd BufNewFile /usr/bin/* normal i#!/bin/bash

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