I have three macros that I have created separately over time. a performs a search and replace, b adds tags to every line and c appends text at the beginning and the end of the file.

I execute them like this:


:%norm! @b


How can I execute them in this order without starting each one separately?

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Since you are using a macros why not use another macro to execute the other three!

let @q = "@a:norm! @b\<cr>@c"

Note: I am using :let to set the q register here, but you could just as easily record a macro with q, e.g. qq@a:norm! @b^M@cq (where ^M is pressing return).


You can execute all of them in a single normal command. For example:

:normal @a:%norm! @b^M@c

Note that ^M is a literal carriage return, and is typed by pressing <C-v><cr>, not the literal text ^M.

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