Since I need to operate on a sequence of symbols between spaces I'd like to know which text object defines it. Here is an example:

45908 Sep 24 21:31 [r].t3891993.tr some another text.

In visual mode I'd like to mark [r].t3891993.tr, but simply typing i<SPACE> doesn't work. How to define such a text object?

UPD: That's not just about visual mode. In normal mode it would be very useful for me as well.

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I believe you are looking for the WORD text object.

From :h WORD:

A WORD consists of a sequence of non-blank characters, separated with white space. An empty line is also considered to be a WORD.

This is signified by a capital "W". I.E. use viW to mark the text in visual mode.

In normal mode you could yank the text with yiW.

For more info see :h iW and :h WORD.

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