Normally, a substitute with the c option gives me two options: (y)es or (n)o. Is it possible to have several numbered yes options to choose from?



person: Alice
dog: Tobby
person: Bob

Pattern 1 :%s/person:/woman:/c

Pattern 2 :%s/person:/man:/c

Pattern 1 and 2 have the same search pattern but different replacement patterns. I want to unify them into one pattern with the option of pressing (1) for replacement 1, (2) for replacement 2 or (n) for no replacement.

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The implementation of :s//c is fixed; what you're looking for is replacement with a Vimscript expression (:help sub-replace-expr). You can query a single-digit via getchar(), or prompt for longer numbers via input():

:%s/person:/\=get(['woman', 'man'], getchar() - char2nr(1), submatch(0)) . ':'/
:%s/person:/\=get(['woman', 'man'], input('Your choice: ') - 1, submatch(0)) . ':'/

You can enter a higher number (3 in your example) to perform no replacement.

If you need this often, it would make sense to define a custom Query() function for that. In there, you could also add a :redraw, so that you see the replacements that have already happened.

  • The command seems problematic. Only after I add the check command it works: :%s/person:/\=get(['woman', 'man'], input('Your choice: ') - 1, submatch(0)) . ':'/c Mar 19, 2017 at 3:15
  • But add the c command will result in I need two steps to replace a string, which I think is needless. Mar 19, 2017 at 3:17

Thanks for all the upvotes to my original question! I've now incorporated a :SubstituteChoices command into my PatternsOnText plugin, which provides a robust implementation. The example in the question would be solved via:


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