I'm trying to add a simple command to search of rails partials files inside my rails app.

I know I can get the filename without the extension with expand("%:r:r") but in my case because it's haml I always have double extensions like app/views/partials/stores/_home.html.haml, so :echo expand("%:t:r") give me _home.html and would like home.

It seems split(expand('%:t'), '\.')[0] is good but now I need to remove the first char.

Do I need to add regex to remove _?

After I would like to do something like :Ag! expand("%:t:r") app/views/ but how to use expand result? For the moment I get No matches for "expand("_home.html") app/views/", expand result is properly "echoed".

Thanks in advance.

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To use expand in such case you should use :exe command. I'm not familiar with Rails nor Haml (yet), but if it's always _ in the begining, you can try the following:

:exe "Ag! " . substitute(expand("%:t:r:r"), "^_", "", "") . " app/views"

And eventually map it to some key binding.

  • it's a win. Thanks a lot @grodzik. that's perfect
    – Mio
    Sep 27, 2016 at 13:01

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