I really don't care about any of the "value" that viminfo or its replacement in neovim, ShaDa, provide. I couldn't care less about whether or not my cursor is in the exact place I left it when I open a file or whether my registers are restored, but I am very tired of seeing seemingly random ShaDa-related errors. Is there a way that I can just turn off shared data? :help shada has not been very helpful in this endeavor.


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set shada="NONE" will prevent shada files from being generated or read in Neovim.

For vim, set viminfo="NONE" will disable viminfo files.


According to the neovim docs, if you invoke neovim with -i NONE, it will ignore the ShaDa file.

Insert the following into your bashrc:

alias nvim='nvim -i NONE'
  • I expected -u NONE to ignore all local config, including shada, but it doesn't; you have to use -u NONE -i NONE (or --clean to disable both vimrc and shada). Was driving me nuts when neovim hung for 10 seconds on :q because shada was trying to access files on an ephemeral mounted filesystem. Sep 11, 2020 at 15:52

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