Let's say that I have a file which contains numbers from 1 to 200. Each number is on a separate line. As I have a wide screen, then I view this file in a way that I vertically split the window(Ctrl + w + v), :set scb in first window, move to second window(Ctrl + w + l), scroll down(Ctrl + d, Ctrl + e, etc) as much as first line in this second window is the last line + 1 of the first window and set the scrollbind in this second window. As a last step I move back to first window(Ctrl + w + h). This works beautifully, but it is inconvenient to set up. Is there an easier way to achieve this?


You're looking for DrChip's mpage.vim plugin:

The mpage.vim plugin supports using multiple windows as separate pages to view a buffer (ie. file), with each window under mpage control sequentially showing lines of text.

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