I have installed deoplete plugin into my Neovim using dein. I have put let g:deoplete#enable_at_startup = 1 into my init.vim and I can see the autocomplete list when I type in the insert mode - so far so good. However I am not able to autocomplete the word I am typing from the list which has appeared (I guess it should be done using Tab but none of the keys I tried worked). I am a Vim beginner so I am actually getting lost now.


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Vim uses Ctrl-n (next item) and Ctrl-p (previous item), Ctrl-y (accept match) or Ctrl-e (cancel) and so on for completion. See :h ins-completion-menu and :h popupmenu-keys for details.

The following deoplete settings may help (they use Tab, Enter and Esc) - see the comments for what they do:

"use <tab> for completion
function! TabWrap()
    if pumvisible()
        return "\<C-N>"
    elseif strpart( getline('.'), 0, col('.') - 1 ) =~ '^\s*$'
        return "\<tab>"
    elseif &omnifunc !~ ''
        return "\<C-X>\<C-O>"
        return "\<C-N>"

" power tab
imap <silent><expr><tab> TabWrap()

" Enter: complete&close popup if visible (so next Enter works); else: break undo
inoremap <silent><expr> <Cr> pumvisible() ?
            \ deoplete#mappings#close_popup() : "<C-g>u<Cr>"

" Ctrl-Space: summon FULL (synced) autocompletion
inoremap <silent><expr> <C-Space> deoplete#mappings#manual_complete()

" Escape: exit autocompletion, go to Normal mode
inoremap <silent><expr> <Esc> pumvisible() ? "<C-e><Esc>" : "<Esc>"

I've found that the Supertab plugin (https://github.com/ervandew/supertab) let me use tab for deoplete completions, without needing any additional configuration.

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