I have to navigate through a large code base and it seems the thing that best suits me is the setting for scroll offset

:set scrolloff=50

However if I have to click on the random spot on the screen or move to a random spot on the screen using / scrolloff=50 doesn't help.

Is there a way for me to tell vim that set scrolloff=50 only when I press <C-d> or <C-u>? After every <C-d> or <C-u> return scroll offset to 0 so it will be scrolloff=0

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Yes, by simple making a mapping:

nnoremap <C-d> :set scrolloff=50<CR><C-d>:set scrolloff=0<CR>

If I understand your intention correct, then centring the screen with zz may actually be more appropriate though:

nnoremap <C-d> <C-d>zz

Also see: How do I center the current line in the screen?.

I recommend you read :help key-mapping and/or the appropriate chapters of Learn Vimscript the hard way, by the way.


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