I'm using vim editor in linux and every time I type backspace it inserts a "^?" instead. I DID edit the .vimrc file to include backspace=indent,eol,star but it did not help. I also tried backspace=2 and it doesn't work either. The strangest thing is that if I type :fixdel it stops inserting the weird ^? but instead deletes the next character instead of the previous.

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    star is not a valid option for backspace; I think you mean start. – Martin Tournoij Aug 31 '16 at 11:54

In :h fixdel it mentions this:

If the backspace key terminal code is wrong you can use this: >
            :if &term == "termname"
            :  set t_kb=^V<BS>
            :  fixdel
Where "^V" is CTRL-V and "<BS>" is the backspace key
        (don't type four characters!).  Replace "termname"
        with your terminal name.

Have you tried that in your vimrc?

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    There's a deeper issue of TERM being wrong, and / or termcap / terminfo having a different idea of kb / kbs than what the keyboard actually produces. An ever-green problem in some Linux-shaped corners of the land. :) – Sato Katsura Aug 30 '16 at 20:55

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