I am using following vim plugins vinegar and unimpaired.

When I enter a netrw directory listing with -, the mappings of unimpaired starting with c (e.g. toggle line numbers with con) do not work because netrw has mapped the single letter c (:h netrw-c).

I'd like to patch vinegar to add an unmapping for the c mapping of netrw.

For completeness I give here the mapping of c as done in $VIMRUNTIME/autoload/netrw.vim:

nnoremap <buffer> <silent> <nowait> c :<c-u>call <SID>NetrwLcd(b:netrw_curdir)<cr>

I have tried to add in plugin/vinegar.vim to the function! s:setup_vinegar() abort following line

nunmap c

However, this does not work. This might be an issue of the load or evaluation order of vinegar w.r.t. netrw.

UPDATE Sept 2018

Netrw v162 has changed the mapping to netrw-cd and therefore I do not need this anymore.

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I've figured it out while writing my question. Answer is given here: I cannot unmap a key combination `y<C-G>`

nunmap <buffer> c works.

❯ git diff
diff --git a/plugin/vinegar.vim b/plugin/vinegar.vim
index 28adce4..7afeafc 100644
--- a/plugin/vinegar.vim
+++ b/plugin/vinegar.vim
@@ -98,6 +98,7 @@ function! s:setup_vinegar() abort
   xnoremap <buffer> . <Esc>: <C-R>=<SID>escaped(line("'<"), line("'>"))<CR><Home>
   nmap <buffer> ! .!
   xmap <buffer> ! .!
+  nunmap  <buffer> c
   nnoremap <buffer> <silent> cg :exe 'keepjumps cd ' .<SID>fnameescape(b:netrw_curdir)<CR>
   nnoremap <buffer> <silent> cl :exe 'keepjumps lcd '.<SID>fnameescape(b:netrw_curdir)<CR>

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