Often I rename files using netrw-R. It opens a rename confirmation on the commandline(?). E.g.

Moving /home/ber/Documenten/xxx/xxx/test/services/member_balance_calculator_test.rb to : /home/ber/Documenten/xxx/xxx/test/services/member_balance_calculator_test.rb

Let's say, I want to change the name to calculate_member_balance_test.rb. All I can get to work, is

  • Hit the left 7 times
  • Hit backspace 9 times
  • Hit left another 13 times
  • Type calculate

I'm sure there is a way to navigate and operate this "dialog" more efficient but don't see where or how. Nor do I know where to look in the :help for this.


The relevant part of the documentation is :help cmdline-editing but, as you can see, the possibilities are pretty limited.

Your best option is to open the "command-line window" with <C-f>, which lets you edit the current command-line with the full power of Vim.

See :help cmdline-window.

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