I have tagbar installed and for javascript files I'm using jsctags to generate tags. It's working perfectly.

I can use <Enter> in tagbar to jump to a tag. But what I want is an ex command to search tags with a pattern. If it's found, then it should jump to it.

Is it possible?


Vim comes with a complete set of commands and options for using tags. You can read all about it in :help tags (the generic stuff) and :help ctags (the ctags-specific stuff that also applies to jsctags).

But your plugin doesn't use any of those commands and settings and don't even use an actual tags file so you have an hyper-specialized plugin and a built-in mechanism that work in largely overlapping silos. This means that you have to learn two different systems instead of just one.

My advice (as a "senior" front end developer and as an experienced vimmer) is to not use that plugin and rely entirely on built-in features. This will make your life a lot easier and your coding faster.

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