How can you do a case insensitive search with line contexts displayed in vim while using the :g ex command?

I tried the following but it doesn't seem to work...

g/pattern/z#.1i|echo "================================"

I also tried this:

g/pattern/iz#.1|echo "================================"

...but it results in an error.

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There are two ways to achieve this:

One is to set ignorecase, then the pattern regex will ignore the case. Yet, this solution is poor if you are writing a script that may need to be reused by someone.

A better solution is to use the \c (ignore case) \C (do not ignore case) modifiers in the regex. This command:

g/\cpattern/z#.1|echo "================================"

Will always ignore the case of pattern no matter what you have set ignorecase to.

And this command:

g/\Cpattern/z#.1|echo "================================"

Will always perform a case sensitive search for pattern, even if you have ignorecase set to true.

Reference (the forward slash is important):

  • :help /ignorecase

You can do a set ic before the search command.

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