I'm using ctrlpvim/ctrlp.vim to open files by fuzzy search.

Is there a way to get the full path of the searched file and insert it under cursor, instead of opening it?

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You can customize the function handling the opening of files, as explained at :help 'g:ctrlp_open_func'. You could try something similar to this:

function! CtrlPOpenFunc(action, line)
   if a:action =~ '^h$'    
      " Get the filename
      let filename = fnameescape(fnamemodify(a:line, ':p'))

      " Close CtrlP
      call ctrlp#exit()
      call ctrlp#mrufiles#add(filename)

      " insert the contents of filename into the buffer
      put =filename
      " Use CtrlP's default file opening function
      call call('ctrlp#acceptfile', [a:action, a:line])


let g:ctrlp_open_func = { 
         \ 'files': 'CtrlPOpenFunc',
         \ 'mru files': 'CtrlPOpenFunc' 
         \ }

, in order to insert the file path by pressing Ctrl-x in the Ctrlp window.


This is really hacky, but it worked for me, if you source this mapping

nnoremap <Leader>pf :let @p=expand("%")<CR>:tabclose<CR>"pp


  1. put your cursor where you want the filename to be put
  2. use Ctrl + p, as normal to find your file, then open the file in a new tab
    (open a file in a new tab from inside Ctrl-p is Ctrl + t)
  3. run my leader mapping <Leader>pf

the mapping will assign the file that Ctrl-p opened to the p register, close the tab and paste the p register where your cursor was.


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