In a vim buffer, I want to insert the path to a file named blablabla\barbar-Überbar\bazbazbaz.txt which exists under the current working directory - and I am running gvim in a MS-Windows environment.

So I type ibla (to insert bla in the buffer) then ctrl-x ctrl-f. Vim expands to blablabla\. I further type bar and then ctrl-x ctrl-f. Vim expands to foofoofoo\barbar-Überbar\. I type baz (so the text reads foofoofoo\barbar-Überbar\baz and the cursor is immediatly after baz) and use ctrl-x ctrl-f again. This time, vim won't expand the path as expected.

If, however, the path contains a lowercase ü instead of the uppercase cousin, it will expand as expected.

So, I assume that support for the uppercase U Umlaut is broken.

Can someone verify my assumption?

Edit: BTW, on Linux, it seems to work fine.

Edit II

Ok, my vimrc sets encoding to utf8. If I change the encoding to latin1 the whole completion mechanism seems to work.

However, I cannot change the encoding to latin1 as I have many utf-8 files I am editing, and they are then displayed very wierdly.


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