I can expand a vertical split screen to occupy most of the area using Ctrl+w+| Now I would like to map that shortcut to Ctrl+m. I tried the following but it failed.

nnoremap <C-m>    <C-W>|

However this does not seem to work I also tried

nnoremap <C-m>    <C-W-l>

However that fails also. Any suggestions?

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    For future reference about mapping debug you can have a look here the use of | in a mapping is explained.
    – statox
    Jul 20, 2016 at 7:33

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| is the command separator, so it terminates the map. You need to escape it:

nnoremap <c-m> <c-w>\|

Or use <bar>:

nnoremap <c-m> <c-w><bar>

See :help :bar and :help map_bar.


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