For the majority of Semantic triggers in C++ YCM works fine, but I've been unable to make it work for the . operator on a type. (For example, for a vector type I'd like to have the list of its available methods)

This video illustrates my point above.

Since I haven't found a single user of YCM complain about this problem, I assume there's a way to fix it via config I hope.

In case you need it, this is what my .vimrc file looks like

Does this have something to do with the .ycm_extra_conf.py? (which I have no idea how to configure)

Regards, -J

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Most likely, I generate mine with:

cd ~/dotfiles/bundles/YCM-Generator
./config_gen.py -v -b cmake \
   --qt-version 5           \
   --configure_opts='-DQT_DIR=/opt/Qt5.3.2/5.3/gcc_64' \

(QT is obviously unique to my needs, but I left it in as an example of how to add the CMake options)

This will place .ycm_extra_conf.py file into your source directory.

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