In my syntax description file I'm trying to define something like the following

syn match arbSAMPLEop   "\<\(TEX\|TEX_SAT\|TXP\|TXP_SAT\|TXB\|TXB_SAT\)\>"
syn match arbTexTarget     "\<\(1D\|2D\|3D\|CUBE\|RECT\)\>" contained
syn region arbSampleInstruction start="\<\(TEX\|TEX_SAT\|TXP\|TXP_SAT\|TXB\|TXB_SAT\)\>" end=";" contains=arbSAMPLEop,arbTexTarget

This allows to highlight texture sampling instructions and texture targets only inside the region started by a sampling instruction.

What bothers me is that the region starts by arbSAMPLEop, but the string to define arbSAMPLEop is copy-pasted as the start= pattern. Is there any way I could achieve the same without duplicating the string?



syn match arbTexTarget "\<\(1D\|2D\|3D\|CUBE\|RECT\)\>" contained
syn region arbSampleInstruction matchgroup=arbSAMPLEop start="\<\(TEX\|TEX_SAT\|TXP\|TXP_SAT\|TXB\|TXB_SAT\)\>" end=";" contains=arbTexTarget

matchgroup allows highlighting the delimiting patterns of a region separately from the body of the region.

:help syn-matchgroup

If you really had to, you could store a pattern in a string variable, and then use execute to build up your syntax command. However I doubt this is necessary in a well-structured syntax file.

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