Is it possible to make Vim automatically exit whatever mode it's in and return to normal mode when the terminal window loses focus?


Add this to your vimrc:

autocmd FocusLost * call feedkeys("\<esc>")

This essentially means "If we lose focus (autocmd FocusLost) on any filetype (*), then type an escape key as if I pressed it (call feedkeys("\<esc>")

Recommended reading: :help FocusLost and :help autocommand

As Statox pointed out in the comments, this will only work for GVim, and certain terminals.

  • this didn't work
    – ewok
    Jul 7 '16 at 21:12
  • 4
    If I may point it out, the doc says Only for the GUI version and a few console versions where this can be detected. so in some cases this might not work.
    – statox
    Jul 7 '16 at 21:12
  • @ewok What OS and terminal are you using?
    – DJMcMayhem
    Jul 7 '16 at 21:19
  • Windows7, Cygwin. but I'm looking for a cross-platform solution I can use anywhere
    – ewok
    Jul 7 '16 at 21:23
  • 5
    @ewok - a cross platform solution is impossible. Vim runs on raw tty's and inside things like screen and tmux. All these three options have no access to anything like a focus, by design.
    – grochmal
    Jul 7 '16 at 22:19

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