My issue is with using the -c while calling vim from terminal like

$ vim -c jk

I want to be able to open the last session before quitting on typing viml in terminal

For this I made a map to save the session as 'zzz' on exiting vim. All that works perfectly.

Now I made an alias in my .zshrc/.bashrc:

# SLoad is from a plugin Startify, it loads the session  
alias viml='vim -c :SLoad zzz'   

But the issue I am facing is that when I run viml alias, this happens


Its really annoying that I have to press enter to start working. I tried using <cr> at end but it doesn't work.

How do I fix this?


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The issue is that you need to escape your space:

alias viml='vim -c :SLoad\ zzz'   

Let's consider a simpler case:

I have a file named a.vim in the current directory and my alias is:

alias vv="vim -c :sp a.vim"

When I run vv I get two buffers with a.vim on each.

Why is that?

Vim open a.vim and then execute the command :sp, which split the buffer in two, opening a.vim again. The alias is used as follow:

 vim -c :sp a.vim

Which means vim a.vim and then :sp. :sp and a.vim are two different arguments.

Now I have the alias:

alias vv="vim -c :sp\ a.vim"

Vim open, and execute :sp a.vim, opening the a.vim file in a new split.

This is because the space is escaped and thus the :sp a.vim is one argument.


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