I try to write a function to toggle my mappings in Vim script.

Here are the steps I have tested it:

  1. I load my vim. (open a file)
  2. Check my mapping in command mode with :imap and I can see mapping(etc. i ffff ...)
  3. I press F6 to toggle the function
  4. I got error message: No such mapping
  5. I check my mapping in command mode with :imap again and I see the mapping(i ffff ...)
  6. In command mode, I can use iunmpa ffff to unmap the ffff :iunmap ffff
  7. The mapping is gone.(I can check with :imap)

Does anyone get any idea why iunmap is not working inside my Vim script?

Here is code

nnoremap <F6>    :call ToggleBracketGroup()<CR>
let g:bracketmap = 1
function! ToggleBracketGroup()
    if g:bracketmap == 1
        inoremap <buffer> ffff    print("cool")
        let g:bracketmap = 0
        **iunmap <buffer> ffff**
        let g:bracketmap = 1

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The issue with above code is there is space after ffff,

I have to remove the space after ffff and it works perfectly

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