I'm currently configuring vim on my work computer and I'm encountering a problem with the colour scheme.

I'm using pathogen and all of my plugins are working well. I downloaded the harlequin colour scheme and dropped it into my bundle folder just as I have with previous computers. When I go to my vimrc file and type :colorscheme I can browse the available options and indeed harlequin is one of them. When I select harlequin however, I just get the default colorscheme. Not surprisingly when I type colorscheme harlequin in my vimrc, it just maintains the default.

Suggestions? (here is a copy of my vimrc)

 1 "Use pathogen plugin manager
 2 execute pathogen#infect()
 4 "change colour scheme
 5 colorscheme harlequin
 7 "set line numbering
 8 set number
10 "turn on status bar
11 set laststatus=2
13 "syntax and indenting on
14 syntax on
15 filetype plugin indent on

romainl found the problem. My terminal didn't have 256 color, which konsole does actually support. Fixed it by changing the path and getting the proper script 256color.pl

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