I'd like to be able to highlight the current line the cursor is at, but not for files from certain directories. That's because I noticed the rendering becomes slow if I highlight the lines within a Rails project - probably because I use rails.vim and its slowing down things.

So, is there a way to highlight current line, but not when I'm in, say, ~/Work/my_rails_project_1 or ~/Work/my_rails_project_2?


I assume by "Highlight current line" that you're referring to the set cursorline option?

Sounds like a job for autocmd's

I'd do something like:

autocmd BufEnter * call UnhighlightLine()

function! UnhighlightLine()
   if (expand('%:p') =~ '/Work/my_rails_project_1\|/Work/my_rails_project_2')
      set nocursorline
      set cursorline

autocmd BufEnter * will trigger when you enter a new file

expand('%:p') Gives the current files path.

I have two paths separated by \| meaning it can match either one. If you want more paths just continue to separate with \|.

  • Unfortunately, I can't say this has worked. It highlights cursorline in all files now, including the ones in the said dirs. – snitko May 6 '16 at 3:18
  • There could be a few things going on. You might try surrounding the expand() function in an fnameescape() function. This just makes sure things are properly formatted for a directory. For more specific help, it might help to see the output of :echo expand('%:p') on your system. This will make sure we're crafting the regular expression correctly. – Tumbler41 May 6 '16 at 4:18

This is a job for autocmds. This works for me:

" set by default
set cursorline
" unset for specific cases  
autocmd BufEnter ~/Work/my_rails_project_1/*,~/Work/my_rails_project_2/* setlocal nocursorline

The *matches path separators, so this will apply to all directories inside ~/Work/my_rails_project_1/ and ~/Work/my_rails_project_2/. The setlocal will restrict the change to matching buffers.


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