How can I change the color that is used to highlight misspelled words in vim-lexical?

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The repository says it uses Vim's spellcheck, so you should be able edit your color file's SpellBad highlighting to do this. Something like:

hi SpellBad ctermfg=red guifg=red

You could also put these in your vimrc, but your color file is really the proper place for it.

  • cterm is for terminal vim
  • gui is for gVim

The full set of options are cterm ctermbg ctermfg gui guibg guifg. You can use :help on those terms for more information.

You might also think about changing SpellLocal and SpellCap if you wan't to change Vim's other spell check colors.

  • In some cases it is good idea to reset highlighting to the defaults before applying new style: hi clear SpellBad and then hi SpellBad ... Sep 19, 2018 at 7:35

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