I'm loving the fact that I can jump using relative numbers and a movement command but I always seem to find myself using the backticks to try and go back to where I was before the movement jump.

I know that movement isn't added to the jump list and I agree with that if it's just a single movement but if it's a numbered jump (more than one) I feel like it should be added to the jump list. So my question is how do I do this?


Edit didn't realize someone posted the same answer in a comment rather than just posting an answer.

Per a post on /r/vim, you can add numbered jumps by setting the previous context mark. These two lines will only set the mark when jumping more than 1 time (i.e. must be numbered like 3k or 20j)

nnoremap <expr> k (v:count > 1 ? "m'" . v:count : '') . 'k'
nnoremap <expr> j (v:count > 1 ? "m'" . v:count : '') . 'j'

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