Running Fedora23 KDE spin. KDE Plasma 5.5.5. Qt 5.6.0. Konsole 15.12.3. zsh 5.1.1. vimx 7.4.

Have installed pathogen and SpeedDating using pathogen.

When I do Ctrl-A, Ctrl-X on a date field, nothing happens.

:map shows both Ctrl-A and Ctrl-X as mappings.

What must be going wrong? How do I set it right?

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    Use the plugin's issue tracker. – romainl Apr 25 '16 at 5:23

OK. I am answering it so that others who make the same mistake can correct it.

If the format you are trying to Ctrl-A Ctrl-X on is not defined in :SpeedDatingFormat it will not work.

Otherwise it should.

In my case, there was a small error in the format.

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