I'm looking for something like [[ (or [], ]], ][) that works with non-top-level function definitions instead of the next line with a top-level class or function definition on the first character.

class Foo():
  def __init__(self):

  def baz(self): #jump from here...

  def box(self): #... to here without searching or...

biz = 123

def bar(): #... without going straight here

It seems like, by default, vim ignores variable definitions and other things that start on the first character of a line, but when I'm looking through class methods, my only recourse is to search for def XYZ.


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]m (and [m) seem to fit the bill. From :help ]m:

]m          Go to [count] next start of a method (for Java or
            similar structured language).  When not before the
            start of a method, jump to the start or end of the
            class.  When no '{' is found after the cursor, this is
            an error.  |exclusive| motion. {not in Vi}

Simply pressing ]m will jump to the exact place you want to.

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