I wanted to highlight all occurence of TODO and NOTE in my code. Looking on the internet, I inserted the following code in my .vimrc

:match GruvboxGreenBold /NOTE/
:2match ErrorMsg /TODO/

This seemed to work fine at first. When I open a file with gvim, the syntax highlights correctly.

However, as soon as I split my screen and the file appears twice, the second one get the correct highlighting but the first one loses it. It repeats whenever I open a new buffer.

Here's a screenshot enter image description here

Does anyone know how to correct this behavior ?


From :help :match:

    Note that highlighting the last used search pattern with
    'hlsearch' is used in all windows, while the pattern defined
    with ":match" only exists in the current window.  It is kept
    when switching to another buffer.

It seems that the highlighting created by :match is local to the current window, not to the current buffer. When you split your screen, you create a new window, so you probably have to reapply your highlighting.

If you want :match and :2match to be automatically executed whenever you launch Vim or enter a new window, you could install the following autocmd:

augroup custom_highlighting
    autocmd VimEnter,WinEnter * match GruvboxGreenBold /NOTE/ | 2match ErrorMsg /TODO/
augroup END
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  • Yay ! Works fine with your last workaround ! Thanks a lot ! – Rivten Apr 10 '16 at 16:39

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