I can't find an easy solution to the following problem.

Consider I'm in insert mode and I need to modify something in another point of the text. I exit insert mode and then move to the point I need to edit. Now suppose I perform some commands in normal mode. When I'm done I can go back to insert mode in the last insert position with command gi.

The problem comes when the edit I need to do also requires another insert operation. In that case, I would lose the last insert position in mark ^ which makes the gi command useless.

In this case, I would need to jump to the next-to-last insert position. Having a look at :marks, such a mark is not kept. So, what's an easy way to solve this problem?

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    I guess I found a possible solution with g; and g,. These navigate :changes list.
    – nicmus
    Commented Apr 8, 2016 at 10:04

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The simplest solution I can think of is to set the previous context mark m` when leaving insert mode. Then use `` to return to that location after editing elsewhere.

(Note: that those are backtics ` and not normal apostrophes ')
A mapping like :inoremap m` can also be useful.

g; and g, should work great too! I'm glad I saw your comment, nicmus.

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