As the title said, I would like to select and send to execute lines from my vim script to the statistical software package R (say an instance of it open in a different terminal).

While there is a maintained plugin (N-vim) that allows to do what I am looking for, it also provides a lot more clutter which I don't want/need.

Is there away to achieve that one functionality? I am running Arch Linux on a headless server.

  • have you tried something like: :!R ? You can pass to an external program lines from your buffer. e.g. in visual mode with a selection: :'<,'>!ls – nobe4 Apr 7 '16 at 11:34
  • @Nobe4 I am afraid that might not work, as I need to pass it to the current instance. Plugins like n-vim I believe rely on simulating some sort of TCP server to communicate between the two software. But I do not know enough to work that out. I shall try though. – Three Diag Apr 7 '16 at 18:42

I have this plugin just released for interfacing vim and interpreters like R or python:


It provides a few more features than you'd actually expect, but you sure can send one-liners with the only mapping:

nmap <space> <Plug>IntimSendLine

Try it out, and don't hesitate to file your first bug reports / feature requests on the repo :)

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