Sometimes when I load several buffers at once into multiple windows I might get confused with the position of the cursor, I get lost when I change from buffer to buffer. Therefore I'd like to trigger the ex command :set cursorline to be able to easily see the cursor position.

How can I trigger the command when I load two or more buffers into multiple windows but remove it when there's just one window left?

One window: enter image description here

Several windows: enter image description here

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Maybe you could try the following autocmd:

augroup cursorline
    autocmd WinEnter * exe winnr('$')>1 ? "set cursorline" : "set nocursorline"
augroup END

Whenever you enter a window (WinEnter event), it executes the following command:

exe winnr('$')>1 ? "set cursorline" : "set nocursorline"

The latter tests if there are several windows (winnr('$')>1). If that's the case, it enables 'cursorline', otherwise it disables it.

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