vim has some great highlighting for built-in keywords, functions and types, but when working on some non-built-in projects, this seems not enough.

For instance, the keyword before a variable is mostly a type keyword. Take a gtk program for example:

In vim:


Where the three GtkWidgets should be marked as type as that in SO:


These are some basic syntax for the C language. Can one in vim do the same highlighting?

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    I don't think this is possible for Vim in the general case. To distinguish a b(c); as a function declaration or a variable declaration, you have to know whether c is a type. For just a b, it might be possible.
    – muru
    Mar 24 '16 at 19:18

There are several plugins in vim.org that should accomplish that, for instance:

If no existing plugin work as you expect them you should consider writing a new one (and possibly including it in vim.org) by following the explanation in :help usr_44 -- "Your own syntax highlighted".

  • Hmm, the syntax highlighting are good, though I think vim can do as that like compilers to distinguish types, vars, and functions (which is my original thought) , it will definitely be complicated.
    – Chromium
    Mar 24 '16 at 23:21

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