Occasionally I have a stray forgotten buffer in which I ran :diffthis. Later when I run :diffthis on some unrelated buffer that second buffer is immediately and unintentionally highlighted with the diff. At this point I don't know which buffer is the first in which :diffthis was run and I don't know how to :diffoff on that buffer.

How do I solve this? Can I simply :diffoff on all buffers, even buffers not in any window?

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You can do this:

:bufdo diffoff

The :bufdo command runs a given command on all buffers. It works by cycling through all buffers and executing the command, so you will end up on the last buffer.


From the help:

Note: While this command is executing, the Syntax autocommand event is disabled by adding it to 'eventignore'. This considerably speeds up editing each buffer.

This usually has the undesirable side-effect that syntax highlighting will be turned off in many buffers. When you switch to a buffer affected by this, you can simply run :edit (or :e for short) to trigger the Syntax autocommand that normally gets triggered.

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