By default my Ultisnips (or maybe it's Vim) associate .h files with C++ snippets.

I was about to ask how to make how to make Ultisnipps associate .h files with c types, but then I realized that my C snippets are valid for C++, so my question is how can I use common snippets for C and C++ ?

Thank you !

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UltiSnips has the extends keyword. You pass a comma separated list of filetypes to it and it will load the snippets for those filetypes before the snippets in the file the keyword is used in.


extends c, obj-c

This way you can have a "cpp.snippets" file which "extends" your c filetype and obj-c type. The documentation doesn't mention cyclic extending but it will probably get in a loop and break something so don't do that. I'm pretty sure you can use a fake filetype so you can do something like this:
- create a snippet file called "cgeneral.snippets" which shouldn't get loaded by UltiSnips automatically
- create your "c.snippets" file
- add "extend cgeneral" at the top (can actually be anywhere in the file)
- repeat for "cpp.snippets"
Now you can have all general stuff in "cgeneral" and import that into your c.snippets file and your cpp one, too.

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