I have a file that is made up of two vertical parts. On the left side, the data is already formatted and I don't want to change it. I only want to format the data on the right side. Say I have a file with lines like

foo=bar baz     # Neato       Junk
quux=xyzzy      # Bilbo Baggins Ring

with many more lines like that. I only want to modify the text to the right of the '#' character. I selected the text I want with the following expressions:


but if I then try to modify it (say, with :'<,'>!column -t), it actually modifies the entirety of every line. What is the correct expression to use to only modify the visually selected parts?

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    You could try the vis plugin from Dr. Chip or my NrrwRgn plugin. Both should handle it just fine. Mar 16, 2016 at 18:45

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You can also try:

:%!column -t

From :h :visual_example:

Currently the ":" command works on whole lines only. When you select part of a line, doing something like ":!date" will replace the whole line. If you want only part of the line to be replaced you will have to make a mapping for it. In a future release ":" may work on partial lines.

See also :h visual-operators for details.

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