I am using neovim-qt but cannot figure out how to set the size of the window. I tried:

nvim-qt -h
nvim-qt --help
nvim-qt --width=80
nvim-qt --geom 80x120

But nothing gave me any indication as to how to do it. The wiki is equally unhelpful.

See issue 108: How should window resizing behave?.


Oh look, --geometry is a QT GUI application's main settings thus

nvim-qt --geometry 500x320

will create a windows just big enough to have 24 lines of 80 characters.


you can create a shortcut for nvim-qt.vim and change the target to something like C:\tools\neovim\Neovim\bin\nvim-qt.exe -qwindowgeometry 1030x608

and the window becomes the size you specified.

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