Is it possible to pass a variable to a function in vimscript, and then use that value in a search and replace regex?

For example:

function! AddTW5Links(tiddlerSetName) 

    %s/\(*\+\)\(\[\[\(.*\)\)\]\]/\1[[\3|\3 - $tiddlerSetName]]/g


You have the choice between using :s after :exe, or using :s\=.

Meaning (untested)

:exe 's/\(*\+\)\(\[\[\(.*\)\)\]\]/\1[[\3|\3 - '.a:tiddlerSetName.']]/g'

(beware of double-quote, you'll have to double all your backslashes with them)


:s/\(*\+\)\(\[\[\(.*\)\)\]\]/=submatch(1).'[['.submatch(3).'|'.submatch(3).' - '.a:tiddlerSetName.']]'/g
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