I am thinking on a similar solution, which Eclipse also does: during the editing, the editor tries to always hold in a "well-indented" format of the edited textual data.

Ideally, it would happen very strong: the best were if anything breaking the well-formatting would be corrected on the spot.

Is it somehow possible?

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I commented out my entire .vimrc file, then added a few indentation related things. Using the process of elimination, I landed on the following line being solely responsible getting my XML indentation to work:

filetype plugin indent on

However, this only worked when loaded from the .vimrc file. Manually typing it in had no effect for me.

According to :h filetype-indent-on:

You can enable loading the indent file for specific file types with: :filetype indent on

If filetype detection was not switched on yet, it will be as well. This actually loads the file "indent.vim" in 'runtimepath'. The result is that when a file is edited its indent file is loaded (if there is one for the detected filetype). |indent-expression|

If you have filetype indent on enabled in your .vimrc and don't have indentation, you're probably missing the indentation definition file.

  • Additionally, you may or may not need to set nocompatible in your .vimrc file. It's generally good practice to set it unless you absolutely need vi compatibility.
    – Cody Poll
    Feb 11, 2015 at 11:08

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